Alana Jenkins

Alana Jenkins



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

Precision Nutrition Certification

Bachelors of Exercise Science from George Mason University

CPR / AED / First Aid

About Coach

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and a three-sport athlete- Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse. A member of Canada's National Lacrosse team playing in the World Cup in Towson Maryland 1999, Annapolis Maryland 2003, & Czech Republic 2009. I received a full Division 1 scholarship for Lacrosse to Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, 2004-2006, and received several athletic awards, greatest on being NCAA Ground Ball Champion. In 2007 I later transferred to George Mason University, for lacrosse, to help GMU rank top 10 in the Nation. I was coaching elite travel teams for lacrosse and recruited to be an assistant coach for a Division 1 lacrosse Program until I discovered I was pregnant with her first child in 2010. Started training athletes and personal training clients with Rob and we discovered CrossFit together in early 2011. As an athlete for many years, Rob and I always knew we wanted to start our own gym and finally pulled the trigger and opened a CrossFit affiliation in our garage in 2013. Now a mother of 5 amazing children, Ethan, Emma, Gunnar, Porter, and Rip, and our fur baby "Kilo", a Belgian Malinois, I am blessed to own and operate CrossFit Vint Hill and pour my knowledge, love, and passion to others to live a full and healthier lifestyle. During my duration coaching at a high level in Lacrosse, parenting, and owning several businesses, it is my deep relationships with members, clients, and their families that have meant the most. To be a part of someone's fitness, health, and wellness journey is a blessing that I can't describe and to see that impact their family, kids, neighbors, and circle of influence to be better in their own health is priceless.

Turning Point

There are many trials we experience in life, and how you chose to internalize it alters the person you are or become. I choose to see them as a blessing and thank God for those hardship experiences because it has opened heart and mind and has given me much more perspective of abundance and gratitude and has deepened my relationship with others. As a fitness coach and advocate for fitness/sport, working out has been the life changer to clear my mind, increase my self-image and interact with others for support in many ways other than just gym stuff. I am wiser to respond and not react to events and believe my life's obstacles have been a blessing to better connect with others and has made me a better overall parent and coach. God's grace has brought me closer to my faith and fitness has been a constant reminder to stay grounded and open-minded, humble, and to always be in a learning state of mind.

Motivation & Passion

Since early days of volunteering, coaching in youth sports, and serving as a personal trainer with a wide range of members and clients, I have a continuous passion and motivation to help others be better and improve their fitness and health, even if it only 1% better than yesterday! The joy of watching people improve their self-image, confidence and overall wellness causes a ripple effect of influence in the people around them as well!

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