Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins

Owner/Head Coach

I've won cash singing karaoke
Cooking is my second passion
When starting my own fitness journey I lost over 120 lbs
My mission in life is to help people become the best version of themselves physically and mentally

Fran 3:29

Deadlift 460

Back Squat 405

Grace 2:26


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

USA Weightlifting

Over 15 years of Strength & Conditioning/Fitness Coaching

Bachelors in Exercise Science from George Mason University

CPR/AED/First Aid

About Coach

Growing up I was the fat kid. I was over 335lbs at age 16. Unhappy and physically not in a great place. I had a strength coach in high school get me on to a fitness game plan and basic nutrition changes and lost over 120lbs in 8 months. From then I knew I wanted to help others do the same and pursued a degree in exercise science from George Mason University. Alana and I both played lacrosse in college and I started a private personal training business with the goal of opening a Strength & Conditioning gym. Fast forward to 2011, we found CrossFit and never looked back. CrossFit is the perfect balance of functional fitness, mindset, nutrition, and community-creating a bulletproof ecosystem for my own health and wellness and those we have the opportunity to impact every single day. We started CrossFit Vint Hill to influence a healthy change in our community and to create a ripple effect for wellness that goes deeper than a gym membership.

Turning Point

I was in a size 48 pants. I wore 2 t-shirts. I never swam in a public pool. I dreaded changing in the locker room. Long story short, kids can be pretty ruthless. I had someone pouring into me to realize that I got myself there and it was up to me to get myself out. I had to make the changes. I had to get outside my comfort zone to experience the growth necessary for change to happen. It started with one visit to the gym, then another and another. It continued with not eating processed foods, cutting out ice cream, and eating real food, mostly plants and proteins and little to no sugar. I got rid of sodas and made water my primary beverage. Did I ever mess up? Yes. Did I ever miss training days? Yes. No one is perfect. Yet day after day I created positive habits, had a community of support there at the gym, and a coach to keep me accountable. I think what drew me most to CrossFit - the elements of my previous fitness success were the same elements found inside the CrossFit gym culture. My turning point was when I replaced my excuses with sweat. When I made my fitness and nutrition a lifestyle rather than a season.

Motivation & Passion

Seeing people win. Hearing the stories of their success inside and outside the gym. Weight loss, strength, increased confidence, shopping for clothes they never thought they'd wear, lifting a load they never imagined lifting, running a mile for the first time without stopping. All of the current and future successes and "PRs" are what fuel my day. Knowing that we played a small part in making you the best version of yourself. People have everything they need to get started, we will take care of the rest. Together we change your life, forever.

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