Kyle Quimby

Kyle Quimby


Squat: 365
Clean and Jerk:265
Deadlift: 485
Fran: 3:08


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


About Coach

I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2016 and coaching CrossFit since 2019. I am married to my incredible with of 7 years and we 2 awesome daughters. Growing up I played a variety of sport but my main sports were soccer and rugby. I became a CrossFit coach because I want to help others change their lives for the better with the tools CrossFit has to offer. I've seen what this sport can do for people, the transformational power it has and I want to share that with my community.

Turning Point

For myself and those around me I strive to push past the limits we think is possible for ourselves. I believe everyone is more capable than they could ever imagine. Choosing the path less travel, choosing the uncomfortable, pushing yourself past were you though you could ever go is what motivates me. "Discipline is choosing what we want most over what we want now."

Motivation & Passion

The most rewarding part of coaching is seeing people make progress towards their personal fitness, health and life goals. Helping people take charge of their health and their life is something I am very passionate about. My mission in life is to love God and love people to the best of my ability.

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