Mandy Person

Mandy Person


Being humble is my PR. 😉


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Crossfit Level-1

USA Weightlifting



About Coach

I had the advantage of being a "Military Brat" and traveled all over the Far East and the U.S. during my youth. I dedicated most of my past time to the sport of swimming and eventually swam Division 1 at Old Dominion University. During College, I spent several years coaching summer and recreational league swim teams as well as private swim lessons. Being active has always been an important part of my life, which led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. After graduation, I became a Personal Trainer at Lifetime Fitness and worked there for 6 years. During that time, I was also lucky enough to have met and married my amazing husband, Derek. After having two kids, I realized that the only way I could be the Mom that I wanted to be, have two more kids, and still pursue my passion for helping people achieve their potential, was to start my own Personal Training business from home. I am still doing that after 15 years, but once I fell in love with Crossfit, the need to also be part of a larger supporting community became greater. When the opportunity to start coaching at Crossfit Vinthill became available, I was excited to accept. I have been coaching here since 2018 and have loved every minute!

Turning Point

Life is a long journey full of challenges to overcome. The toughest challenge for me right now is aging. It’s inevitable, and not necessarily conquerable. When you’ve been an athlete and active your whole life and then all of a sudden (at least it seems that way), things don’t start to recover as quickly and certain movements begin to cause pain, you begin to question yourself and your abilities. The new challenge is to learn to listen to what your body is saying. Allow for more recovery, clean up your movement patterns, and understand that the goal is longevity and not the top score on the whiteboard. The journey of fitness is forever changing based on the challenges of our lives. I look forward to overcoming this new turning point in my life.

Motivation & Passion

Watching a person achieve and go above and beyond anything they thought they were ever capable of achieving is a true passion of mine. And I love when those achievements in the gym begin to translate to goals in their daily lives as well.

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