Megan Leitch

Megan Leitch


Fran- 4:04

Grace- 2:04

Back Squat- 275#

Power Clean- 200#

Power Clean and Jerk- 195#


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate


About Coach

I grew up playing sports, but soccer was always my favorite sport. I played in college at Radford University, and we brought home two Big South Championships and made two NCAA appearances during my career. I was a captain for two years and always tried to lead by example on the field and in the classroom. I earned many academic achievements during college as well as athletic awards. I see myself as a lifelong learner, and when I was asked to join the coaching staff at CrossFit Vint Hill after taking the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate course, I knew this was an opportunity I wouldn’t be able to pass up! Whenever I am at the gym, whether I’m coaching or working out, I try to lead by example through my effort and my attitude. I embody the mindset that I am fortunate to be able to move my body each day at CrossFit, and I bring this mindset to my workouts!

Turning Point

While playing soccer in high school with hopes of being recruited to continue my career in college, I suffered a season-ending injury during my junior year. After having knee surgery in the winter of my senior year, I knew I had missed the critical seasons in which college coaches could recruit me to play for their teams in college. Fast forward to my freshman year at Radford University; I was encouraged to try out for the Radford University Women's Soccer team in the spring. Out of soccer shape and still figuring out my new normal post knee surgery, I had never been so sore or felt so defeated in my life. I couldn't keep up with anyone on the team, but I didn't quit. I used these feelings to motivate myself to get stronger and fitter than I'd ever been. I've never wanted something so badly; not being able to play soccer because of an injury impacted me far more than if I had made the choice not to play in college. I never took a single practice, weightlifting, or fitness session for granted, and I still don't to this day. <br /> After having second knee surgery after my college career, I found myself in the same boat. I was working out by myself for years at home, but it wasn't the same as a “team” atmosphere in which I thrive. Enter CrossFit. My husband and I decided to drop in for a workout at CrossFit Vint Hill, and we joined that same day. The community and camaraderie found with our fit family can't be matched. Being able to move my body in healthy ways and push myself in a workout physically, mentally, and emotionally surrounded by like-minded people is the best way I can thank my body for everything it allows me to do.

Motivation & Passion

I have a passion for learning new things and bettering myself as well as educating others in every aspect of life. I love working with other people and watching them learn and grow as they try new things and overcome challenges. I get to spend my days teaching children at school and my afternoons working with athletes in the gym; what could be better!? I am impassioned to serve others who have a desire to grow and better themselves in all aspects of life, and I will be their biggest cheerleader along the way!

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