Nate Patrick

Nate Patrick




About Coach

Growing up in a poor family, I wanted any opportunity to make it out of my small town and see the world. Sports provided that opportunity and to ensure I had multiple possibilities to choose from, I tried every sport I could including baseball, basketball, football, track, and bull riding. Turns out, I wasn’t great at any one of them but was just good enough to play basketball in college and dabble on the fringes of professional bull riding.

Turning Point

After years of abusing my body with sports, I joined the military and became a helicopter pilot. Unfortunately, a few thousand hours of flying in over 100lbs of body armor and with night vision goggles on my head pushed my already beat-up body to the edge. Following a year-long overseas all-expense-paid vacation, my back and neck decided they had enough. My low back began to ache and I suffered from headaches every day. The fix presented to me was either surgery or a lifetime supply of medicine. Neither option was appealing so I sought other avenues. While talking with a friend he suggested I tried CrossFit which I had heard of but the thought was just a fad and would never last. Out of ideas and any other choice, I went to a class. After only a few months, the muscles in my neck and back returned to strength and the headaches were gone and the back pain was manageable. With nearly 10 years of CrossFit under my belt, I guess it is safe to say, I am hooked.

Motivation & Passion

The reason I got into coaching was to provide a fun educational atmosphere for everyone. Especially for those who feel like their bodies are trying to give up on them and are losing hope. I want to restore that hope and return the quality of life each of us deserves.

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