Travis Zimmerman

Travis Zimmerman


Deadlift: 405

Clean & jerk: 235


CrossFit Level 1


About Coach

Flashback to 2014: I had just completed my first career firefighting academy and had lost a significant amount of weight (over 40 lbs). I had a new outlook on health and fitness and wanted to keep up my progress from the academy, this is when I found CrossFit. I started attending classes and quickly realized I loved the group environment and thrived on community-based fitness. Fast forward to the present, I still love CrossFit and want to help other people realize it’s possible to make huge life changes and stick with them for the long haul. I also believe all first responders should be held to a high degree of physical fitness and want to be an example of that.

Turning Point

The turning point in my life was being hired by a career fire department and realizing I was not in shape to carry out the duties asked of me. During this academy, I worked hard and got into better shape. Deciding to eat healthily and exercise has to be a daily choice made by each individual. No one can make that choice for you. I try to continually make good choices to further my health and fitness every day and be an example for those around me.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping people realize small changes add up and you can completely change your life, one choice at a time. I was once very overweight and had bad lifestyle habits and am proof it is possible to change. I am also passionate about helping other first responders prepare for the demands of their job.

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